Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Figure in Watercolor

There's been a long time I wanted to experiment with figure painting using watercolors as a medium.
If you by any chance had seem my recent watercolor works, they are more loose, with a lot of brushstrokes and uncontrolled effects, bringing textures and blotches of paint over paper.

This past year I had dedicated myself to study the human anatomy: brought myself a sketchbook, a couple of nice anatomy books, such as the Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist by Stephen Rogers Peck and tried to put in practice at least three times a week.
By doing this, I didn't became an expert. Far from that, but at least I had the chance to exercise pencil strokes, form and mass.

After a while I wanted to give it a try on a final piece and this is a small description on my working method:
As I had worked from photograph reference, I had researched a while, choosing the subject and the way I wanted the final piece to look and feel.

Torso chalk study on Bristol board
(27,8x35,42 / 11x14in)

The correct crop, and some preliminary sketches were also important, to understand the right lightning source and how to deal with edges and shadows to capture the likelihood of the pose and the model.
Bellow you will find several tries on sketchbooks:

- preliminary pencil to catch the right proportions;
- Pen & Ink line drawings;
- Graphiti and charcoal study;

Detail of the final Watercolor painting

Watercolor Figure
Fabriano Artistico paper
(38x56cm / 15x22in)

Reference image from model Almudena-Stock.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Municipal - Sao Paulo

Teatro Municipal
Gouache on Canson Montval
4x6in / 10,2x15,2cm

Part of my homage series to São Paulo. Hope you enjoy it.