Monday, May 17, 2010

Memory Lane

This is a wedding gift commission for a Canadian customer. The original idea was to depict several places and important dates which were part of their lives until the wedding date.
After a lot of sketches and ideas, we reached an interesting result. Bellow is the final painting.

Memory Lane
Watercolor, Pen & Ink on Fabriano Artistico board


  1. Nice idea to depict sequentially all places they were together. For sure this can be used again in order to tell another stories, from other people, from other time. One suggestion: a timeline showing our beloved RJD since the beggining until his final days, covering all milestones (tons) from his career (Elf, Rainbow, Sabbath, Dio, H&H).
    BTW, congratulations and best wishes to the Grooms.

  2. ZM, thanks!
    It´s a good idea, not sure I´ll have availability to make it happen soon.
    I´ve been doodling some RJD things. Will post in near future.
    All the best:)