Saturday, May 21, 2011

Figure in Watercolors - WIP

Bellow, a small working process for the following artwork:

1st) Few of sketches and colored compositions based on reference pictures.

2) Once main composition was created I transfered my drawing to a Fabriano Artistico watercolor board. Wet it, tapped it and dry. ready for paint.

3) Decided for a simpler color scheme (blue + orange) with subtle variations.

4) The piece after 3 washes of paint.

5) darkened the darks, add details here and there...

6) Final Piece.


  1. Muito bom tudo por aqui! parabéns!
    Vou seguir!

  2. Muito obrigado Geraldo!
    Entrei no seu Blog e fiquei impressionado:
    Adoraria fazer sessões de modelo vivo como as que ministra no RS.
    Em tempo: adorei os trabalhos com ponta de Feltro em papel.
    Um Abraço!